Biography of Ismael Enrique Arciniegas (1865-1938)

Writer, poet, and Colombian politician was born on January 2, 1865 in Curiti (Santander), and died in Santa Fe de Bogotá on 23 January 1938. He/She studied at the seminary in Bogotá and at the Catholic University, where he/she started his studies of jurisprudence. He/She often left his profession as a lawyer to devote themselves to political and literary tasks. He/She returned to Bucaramanga, where he/she started his journalistic career, founding the newspaper El Impulso (1887) and La República and El Eco de Santander from those who made their first political campaigns. He/She was owner of the newspaper El Nuevo Tiempo, which made his journalistic activity for almost thirty years. At the same time served as Secretary of the Municipal Council of Bucaramanga, Member of departmental assemblies, Councillor city of Bogotá, representative to the camera, Minister of posts and Telegraphs under the Presidency of Miguel Abadía Méndez and inspector of documentation in Boyacá. Another facet in the life of Arciniegas was his participation as a Colonel in the civil war of 1895. His diplomatic career developed it representing Colombia in Caracas, Chile (1902), Paris (1919), Ecuador (1930) and Panama (1933). In 1989 he/she worked as Professor at the school of Arts and crafts in Bucaramanga and director of public instruction.

Arciniegas is nationally recognized for his journalistic, educational and diplomatic work, but, above all, by his poetry of parnasiana inspiration, activity which places him in the romantic school, with a tendency to modernism. Some of the main themes developed in his poetry were love, pain, death, nature and homeland. He/She was also one of the most successful translators of French and Italian poetry.

He is the author of poetry, poetic translations, poetry anthology and Paliques (volume of reminiscences of his diplomatic and political life). Among his best known poems are in Cologne, solo and the poet looks at the Park.