Biography of Elisabeth Arden (1878-1966)

Beautician and Canadian-born American entrepreneur. He/She was born in Woodbridge, in 1878, and died in New York, in 1966. His real name was Florence Nightingale Graham. He/She studied nursing and moved to New York, where with the help of a chemist, made their first cream Amoretta beauty. He/She married twice but had no offspring. In 1920, he/she created her first salon, achieved great fame and decided to open institutes of beauty, under his pseudonym, all over the world, where broadcasting their patented treatments. In 1930, he/she opened a beauty Institute for women tired and rich in Maine-Chance, Arizona; and, later, it opened this kind of centres in all the European capitals. He/She acquired a large fortune, becoming one of the richest in the United States women. At his death he/she had an empire that manufactured 450 different products, in 1,500 different shades, sold all over the world.

Arden rose your company with the theory that the exercise, diet, massage and good posture were essential for beauty. He/She was a pioneer in a backward and unhygienic, industry that transformed into a modern and prosperous sector, and a real contribution to pave the way for human happiness.