Biography of Emile Ardolino (1943-1993)

Director and producer of American cinema, born in 1943 in Maspeth (New York), and died in Bel-Air (California) on November 20, 1993. His first job in the entertainment industry is the Assistant of Brian De Palma in his opera prima The wedding party (1966). At the same time, he/she started to work in television, first as a choreographer and later as director. His work in this medium include the series Dance in America, the musical awarded Emmy Part Palace, played by Meryl Streep and choreographed by Georges Ballanchine, and A midsummer's night dream, adaptation of Shakespeare starring William Hurt's. In 1984 he/she won the Oscar for best documentary feature film with I have makes me feel like dancing, a portrait of Jacques D'Ambroise, director of the National Ballet Institute, conducted during trials and tours of New York City Ballet.

His familiarity with the world of the dance takes you to lead what will be its most famous film and its greatest success of public, Dirty Dancing (1987). Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey unknown, it becomes quickly one of the surprises of the year and of the moment. Revenues at the box office are only comparable to the sales of its soundtrack, awarded an Oscar for best song. Success does not recur with his next film, heaven supernatural tangle comedy was wrong, despite having Ryan O'Neal, Cybill Sheperd and Robert Downey the cast. In 1990 made three men and a little lady, the sequel to the remake of three men and a baby, sister Act (1992), followed with which reimburses part of his previous commercial failures. Using the classical structure of fireball of Howard Hawks, tells the story of a singer of color - Whoopi Goldberg - hidden mafia in a convent of nuns posing as one of them. The film would have the following year a sequel directed by Bill Duke. The actress and singer Bette Midler starred in what will be his last fiction film, Gypsy, a musical about a domineering mother who pushes the success to his daughter, unpublished commercially in many countries, as well as George Ballanchine completo Nutcracker, about ballet the Nutcracker of Tolstoi, and starring Macaulay Culkin and Kevin Kline. Ardolino did not see premiered his latest work: ill with AIDS, died at the end of November 1993.


Feature films.

1987: Dirty Dancing.1989: the sky is equivoco.1990: three men and a small dama.1992: nun of cuidado.1993: George Ballanchine completo Nutcraccker.

Works for television

1980: Rumpelstiltskin.1981: Alice at the Palace.1982: A Missummer Night completo Dream.1983: He/She Makes Me Feel Like Dancin' (and producer). 1986: The Rise & Rise of Daniel Rocket.1993: Gypsy (and producer).

As an Assistant.

1969: The Wedding Party.