Biography of Braulio Arenas (1913-1988)

Chilean writer born in La Serena. He/She was co-founder of the poetic group La Mandragora, who edited a magazine where surrealist tendencies of the moment were welcome. He/She received several literary awards, including the national literature in 1984. His work, which is very extensive, consists of the following books of poetry: the world and its double (1940), mnemonic women (1941), attached light (1950), the naked eye (1951), great life (1952), transmitted thought (1952), speech by the great power (1952), the ghost house (1952), Ancud, Castro and Achao (1953), final Version (1956) poems 1934-1959 (1959), small meditation at sunset in a cemetery by the Sea (1966)In the best of worlds (1970) and a mansion quite mirror roams Insomniac a mansion quite image (1978). This vast poetic production is completed with a dedication to the genre of the novel also very important; the titles of these include farewell to the family (1966), La endemoniada of Santiago (1969), the castle of Perth (1969), Berenice: idée (1975) and the promise (1984) blank. He/She wrote also some essays, such as the song of Roland (1975) and writings and Chilean writers (1982).