Biography of Pietro Aretino (1492-1556)

Italian writer. He was born in Arezzo and died in Venice. Humble family, in 1506 - 1507 moved to Perugia to work as an apprentice. In 1517, he moved to Rome, where he triumphed as a lampoonist with their Pasquinadas. His first novels are titled farce and the courtesan, 1525. Following the publication of his lustful sonnets, 1526, with erotic engravings, had to hide in the House of his friend Giovani delle Bande Nere, and at his death, was established in Venice. He was successful throughout Europe, it was very feared for their defamatory tracts and blackmailers, as art critic also enjoyed popularity, he was by friends Bembo and Titian, and even Carlos cheats and Francisco I favored it. He is the author of plays as the Marshal, 1527-30; Talanta e hypocrite, 1542; The philosopher, 1546; the tragedy in verse Horacia, 1546, and a rich correspondence. Famous are the dialogues of the courtesans, gathered in reasoning, 1534, where alternated the comic, the epic, the obscene, the religious and the laudatory. His poetry was considered extravagant and obscene, therefore circulated clandestinely for a long time.