Biography of Emilio Arévalo Cedeño (1882-1965)

Chief guerrilla and important opponent of the regime of Juan Vicente Gómez, born in Valle de Pascua, Guárico State in December 1882, and died in the same town on May 19, 1965.

He studied for exercising the office of the Telegraph operator. Between 1900 and 1913 was Chief of station in freedom of Orituco, and then in Altagracia de Orituco. Years later, it was operator in Ciudad Bolivar, Soledad Cantaura and subsequently head of the telegraph station of Caicara de Maturín.

Among the most notable events against the regime gomecista highlights the cry of freedom which, along with forty men on horseback, gave in Maturin Cazorla square in 1914. After this he/she suffered several defeats. Incredibly saved his life and settled in the island of Trinidad. He/She later settled in Colombia.

From Colombian territory it invaded seven times the country between 1915 and 1933. The third of these invasions, in 1921, assaulted in the company of one hundred and twenty-three men San Fernando de Atabapo, capital of the then federal territory of Amazonas. This round took prisoner Tomás Funes, Governor of the territory. Funes was subjected to a court martial which sentenced him to death. He/She was executed in a public square on 30 January of that year.

In 1926, together with Carlos Leon, Gustavo Machado and Salvador de la Plaza, Cedeño founded in Mexico the Partido Revolucionario Venezolano (PRV), which was withdrawn by glimpse inclinations of his fellow Marxists.

After the death of general Gómez, in 1936 he/she returned to Venezuela. In that same year he/she was appointed Deputy to the National Congress by the State of Guarico; in 1937 the President named Eleazar López Contreras President of that State.

During his presidency he/she established a policy in favour of farmers. Highlight particularly works of opening avenues of communication and installation of wind for the acquisition of water mills.