Biography of Daniel Argimon (1929-1996)

Spanish painter born in Sarrià (Barcelona) in 1929 and died in Barcelona, Spain in 1996. He/She studied painting at the Faculty of fine arts of the University of Barcelona, faculty where you obtained the Bachelor's degree. In 1965 he/she went to Paris and in 1968, thanks to a grant from the International Institute of Education, lived in New York. Back to his hometown, he/she began working as a professor at the school of Arts and crafts in Barcelona.

Started in a classical painting, since 1962 leaned by aesthetics and vocabulary pertaining to current Pop-Art, aesthetics which, from 1978, was accumulating objects belonging to the consumer society, which are incorporated in their works as part of the same. In its evolution, since the 1980s, he/she practiced collage, with objects of varied origin, primarily papers and fabrics.


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