Biography of King of Urartu Argishti II (714-685 a.C.)

(Ar-gis - tu o Ar-gish-te) King of Urartu, son and successor of Russian I. His reign is known by a few cuneiform inscriptions and some references in the Assyrian sources. Argishti II was recognized tributary of Sargón II, which had traveled Urartu repeatedly without any military opposition. Gone such Assyrian king, Argishti II tried to regain its independence, which may be attained, given that the new Assyrian king Sennacherib is engaged in campaigns against Babylon, Syria and Palestine, and even in the preparation of a campaign against Egypt. Argishti II some works of repair of cities are known (especially those who had suffered attacks of the Assyrian troops), the construction of a new city plant, an artificial lake and a canal (Arcis Estelas). On his death, the step throne to his son Russian II.