Biography of Hugo Argüelles (1932-2003)

Mexican playwright born in Veracruz in 1932 and died in the city of Mexico on December 23, 2003. In his vast theatrical corpus, characterized by the vividness and accuracy with which reproduces the Customs and daily life forms of their contemporaries, shine with their own light the ironic subtlety and sarcastic humor, always at the service of realistic approaches that allowed her to get very directly to a wide range of readers and viewers, from the public of medium cultural training to specialized criticism. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best exponents of the Mexican Theatre in the second half of the 20th century.

Among the plays of Hugo Argüelles - that you become one of the most popular of the country writers azteca-, should be remembered here some titles as relevant as the Ravens are mourning (1958) - which constituted his first theatrical success-, Gallery of silence (1967), Concerto for guillotine and forty heads (1971), Alba alba (1971), the Grand Inquisitor (1973)The criminal loves of moral vampires (1983) and wild roosters (1986).