Biography of Leonardo Argüello (1875-1947)

Physician, writer and Nicaraguan politician born in León (Nicaragua) in 1875 and died on 15 December 1947.

Leonardo Argüello, who was born in the center of the Nicaraguan liberalism, actively participated in the revolutionary movement of 1911 and 1912. Thanks to their efforts, Arguello managed to be a Deputy in the Congress of Nicaragua and in 1925 he became Minister of public instruction, a position in which he distinguished himself by trying to bring education to the rural population and the allocations of more State budget for schools and libraries.

During the 1930s and 1940s he took care of his studies and research, but in February 1947 left behind academic life and was introduced again in politics. When Anastasio Somoza García ended his presidential term, openly supported the candidacy as President of Leornado Arguello. Despite having more than seventy years, was unable to reach be the puppet that Somoza had wished in power, even the anti-somocistas participation increased in the Government.

Three months later, and just 25 days after his inauguration as President on May 1, 1947, was overthrown by the National Guard and had to take refuge in the Embassy of Mexico and then into exile in Nicaragua.