Biography of Juan de Arguijo (1567-1622)

Spanish poet, born in Seville, Fernando de Herrera and prominent man of the literary life of Seville school. He was the son of a dealer of slaves from Tenerife. Course studies with the Jesuits (1576-1580) and held various official positions of high rank. Married to the daughter of a member of his father, to the death of both became one of the wealthiest people of the then rich city of Seville. More given to literature and the good life that businesses, soon squandered that fortune, and died in poverty. His work is reduced extension, because it does not reach one hundred poems; Moreover, it remained unpublished (as it was common) out of a few verses collected by Espinosa in their flowers. I thought that the basic component of their office was the imitatio, and the sonnet genre par excellence; Thus, it is not surprising that his corpus has sixty-six sonnets on matters of classical poetry. Anyway, his most celebrated poem is a silva: to the vihuela. Latin sources explain the epigramatica smoothness of his style. For several years he lived in Madrid, where he met Lope de Vega, Góngora and the Argensola. Rodrigo Caro, in his book distinguished men of Seville, describes him as "not only elegant poet, but the Apollo of all the poets of Spain". He composed some works in prose, collected stories and facecias and even in his student years, collaborated on the composition of the tragedy of San Hermenegildo, represented in 1590 at the College of the Jesuits in Seville.

Juan de Arguijo. To Phaeton.