Biography of Wenceslao Argumosa y Bourke (1761-1831)

Spanish lawyer, born in Guadalajara September 27, 1761 and died in Madrid on November 28, 1831. He/She was the son of Ventura Argumosa and Gándara, magistrate and Mayor of Guadalajara, and María in the Concepción Bourke of Partry. He/She studied French with her mother and with the Jesuits, as well as Italian with César Branchi. Orphaned when I was very young (father in 1773) and mother in 1776, but the Archbishop of Toledo, Lorenzana, became his protector and was in charge of Argumosa completed his studies of philosophy at the College of San Isidro de Madrid and the jurisprudence was in Toledo. In 1780, he/she obtained a scholarship to the College of San Clemente of the Spaniards of Bologna, of which he/she was Secretary, historiographer, archivist, Dean and Professor of cannons. In 1791 he/she travelled around Italy and returned to Madrid in 1792; There he/she dedicated himself to the practice of law and was the fiscal agent in the Royal Council.

Last page of a manuscript of don Wenceslao Argumosa. Courtesy of: Vicente Fisac.

He is author of a relationship of literary exercises, grades and merits, printed, a copy of which appears dated in Madrid on 23 December 1792 and which sent a copy to Godoy's December 27, 1796. At the same time, it asked for permission to the Prince of peace to visit the real Palacios and rooms great, titles, and individuals, in order to write a book about the Spanish monuments that serve as a complement to Antonio Ponz. Godoy's response, however, was negative.

Murat appointed him Deputy to the Board of Bayonne, but he/she did not accept the proposal, so it was taken to France and spent six and a half years in Orthez and Troyes. On his return received the award ob auxilium pro Rege et patria; He/She was also Secretary of the King and Knight of Carlos III. He/She published five days celebrated in Madrid, dedicated to the nation and its heroic defenders, in Madrid in 1820 (days that are on 19 March, on 2 may, on 1 August, the 1 December 1808 and the 9 March 1820), and also in Madrid, but a year later, he/she saw the light Memorial of the lawsuit between the Infante of Spain D. Carlos María Isidro de Borbón y D. Juan VIKing of Portugal. Attorney was Syndic of Madrid and academician of San Fernando.


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