Biography of Imanol Arias (1956-VVVV)

Imanol Arias.

Spanish actor of film, theatre and television born in Riaño (León) on April 26, 1956.

Family of Basque origin, with just a few months returned to the family land. Began to show a keen interest in the world of the theatre and, while he/she began his studies of industrial expert in the Laboral University of Eibar, intervened as an amateur in various productions. Free under the age of twenty he/she went to Madrid to work in theater, participating in assemblies under the direction of José Tamayo, José Luis Gómez and Miguel Narros, among others, some to the national drama Centre.

His film debut took place in the film La Korea (1976), Pedro Olea, and then embarked on a Spanish-Cuban co-production, Cecilia, directed pro Humberto Solás, project in which invested two years of his life, and that was a loose received by spectators after its premiere in 1981. However, his work allowed him to be called by the directors who were part of the profession in Spain in the early 1980s. His career began to be prolific with mixed results, as its contribution to labyrinth of passion (1982), by Pedro Almodóvar, and other high level as the hive (1982), Mario Camus, the complex demons in the garden (1982), by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, and the controversial the death of Mikel (1983), de Imanol Uribe, among others.

His popularity was consolidated, especially for his work for television, half which initially operated in series like "Cervantes" (1980) and "Rings of gold" (1983), production that stood out as one of the most viewed in the middle and that strengthened him in the most creditworthy artistic deals. It was a time in which met with director Vicente Aranda in time of silence (1985), on whom he/she had as a couple to victory April. This work allowed him to play other roles in different projects with the same director, stressing, in particular, the figure of the El Lute, character from which Aranda adapted his biography in two parts: El Lute: walk or bursts (1987) and El Lute: tomorrow I'll be free (1988), interpretation that earned in the San Sebastián International Festival award for best actor in 1987. This character connected his popularity with the inspector flowers in two deliveries of the television series "Brigada Central" (1989-91), directed by Pedro Masó, and took him from the hand of Aranda to other roles more complex in which confirmed his versatility (the bilingual lover and the intruder, 1993).

Imanol is an actor who has been able to define his characters with elegance and strangeness calling themselves. That was priest Béarn or the Hall of dolls (1983), by Jaime Chávarri, or in Camila (1984), by María Luisa Bemberg, also left a small but important anarchist interpretation in Luces de Bohemia (1985), of Miguel Ángel Diez; and not intimidated the various challenges that arose in his career, well were trillers (A solas Contigo, 1990, Eduardo Campoy), comedies romantic or comic (a woman in the rain, 1991, Gerardo Vera; All men are the same, 1994, Manuel Gómez Pereira), dramas such as the reunion with Almodovar (the flower of my secret, 1995) or Africa (1996), Alfonso Ungría, or docudramas such as comanche territory (1997), by Gerardo Herrero, based on the novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

He combined his participation in TV series Spanish as "Camino de Santiago" (1999) or "Severo Ochoa: the conquest of a Nobel" (2001) and "María Magdalena" and "Waiting for a Messiah" (2000), international productions with the popular success that gave him several deliveries of "Cuéntame Cómo pasó" (2001), performed by Tito Fernández, since it began its broadcast. The character of Antonio Alcántara is one of the most popular and recognized career, and in recent years has been awarded several awards for interpretation.

As a director, also addressed "An instant in your skin" (1988), episode of the series "Delusions of love", and the feature film a private affair (1995), of unequal fortune.

In 2003 he/she placed voice to King Balthazar on Antonio Navarro film entitled Los Reyes Magos. This same year, Imanol was awarded the Málaga Prize, at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival, and inaugurated a monument in his honor in the Andalusian city. In 2006 he/she filmed comedy the coming week (without fail), under the command of Josetxo San Mateo.

Imanol Arias is actor acknowledged, a man committed to ecology and the environment (owner of the company CAYTEC), involved in numerous actions of a humanitarian nature and gestures for peace in the Basque country. It belongs to several NGO's, such as Intermón Oxfam, Médecins du Monde and the Group Attac, and is special Ambassador for UNICEF. His own production company (South line) has also set up.


1976: the Korea. 1981: Cecilia. 1982: Labyrinth of passions; Demons in the garden; Béarn or the room of dolls; The hive. 1983: Death of Mikel; Camila. 1984: Eternal fire. 1985: Lights of bohemia; Lulu at night. 1986: Black flag; Time of silence. 1987: Divine words; The Lute: walking or burst. 1988: El Lute: tomorrow I'll be free. 1990: Solo Contigo. 1991: Welcome to truthful; A woman in the rain. 1992: Summer Tierno of lust and roofs; The bilingual lover. 1993: Tango feroz; The intruder. 1994: All men are equal; Save yourself if you can. 1995: The flower of my secret; The legend of Baltasar the gelding. 1996: Three bands; Ilona arrives with the rain; In the arms of the mature woman; Africa. 1997: rigor Mortis; Comanche territory. 1998: Buenos Aires me mata. 2000: I want to die; Waiting for the Messiah. 2001: His master's voice; A House overlooking the sea; Wild; Angel wings. 2003: Cat kisses. 2004: Laura. 2005: The 11th coming (without fail). 2007: what have the other; Night, a magical adventure. 2010: Paper bird. 2011: My first wedding. 2013: Liberator.

Works for television

1980: Cervantes. 1983: Golden rings. 1988: The happy woman (episode of "The woman of your life"). 1991: Central Brigade. 1996: Dear master. 1999: what did he/she deserve this?; Camino de Santiago. 2000: María Magdalena. 2001: Tell me you love me. 2001: Severo Ochoa: the conquest of a Nobel. Cuéntame Cómo pasó. 2003: Atrapados.2005: lies. 2010: A country to eat it.