Biography of Inocencio Arias (1940-VVVV)

Inocencio Arias

Politician and Spanish diplomat, whose full name is Inocencio Felix Arias Llamas, born in Albox (Almeria) on April 20, 1940, which currently plays the position of Ambassador of Spain in the United Nations.

His father from the age of nine, did his primary studies in Alicante and Murcia law career. In 1967, when he/she was working as Assistant Professor of international relations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, approved the oppositions to the diplomatic career, but it failed to square at the diplomatic school until a year later.

His first destination was Bolivia, as third Secretary; in 1971 he/she joined Algiers, as first Secretary, and in 1975 to Lisbon. In 1979 he/she assumed the position of Deputy Director general of the Office of diplomatic information, and in 1981 director general of the Office of diplomatic information (OID). In 1983, already with the PSOE in power, he/she became Vice President of del Instituto de CooperaciĆ³n Iberoamericana (ICI), where he/she served until mid-1985, when he/she returned to the direction of the Office of diplomatic information. In 1988 he/she was appointed under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Secretary general of foreign policy, which obliged him to be part of the Entourage of the Kings and Prince Felipe in their travel abroad. Also this same portfolio depended on his next post, Secretary of State for international cooperation and for Latin America, during which, in addition to boosting the rapprochement of both lands, took part in several international summits - Madrid (1991) - and Ibero-American - Mexico (1991), Madrid (1992) and Salvador de Bahia (1993).

When in 1993 it ceased at the head of the Secretariat, did not accept any Embassy which were offered and, surprisingly, the following year, took possession of the position of general manager of Real Madrid; When his contract ended he/she returned to joining exterior and the Council of Ministers appointed him director-general of the OID, since he/she left in 1997, when he/she was appointed Ambassador of Spain to the United Nations. In 2002 he/she was confirmed in office by the new owner of outdoor, Ana Palacio.

It is in possession of numerous Spanish decorations and foreign, among which include the grand crosses of Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and Honduras; Order of Isabel the Catholic (1980); Order of Carlos III (1982); Order of may, granted by Argentina; Order of St. Michael and St. George, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain; Medal of merit of Germany; Medal of merit of the Italian Republic and Medal of St. Olaf of Norway. Also, in the so-called "communication world", has been awarded the International International Press Club, the National Association of journalists press graphics and journalistic worthwhile "Primera Plana".