Biography of Bernardo Arias Trujillo (1903-1939)

Colombian writer, born in Manzanares (Caldas) in 1903 and died in Manizales in 1939. He/She began his journalistic life in the daily El Universal, El Liberal and La Patria. arias Trujillo was also novelist, short-story writer, essayist, polemicist, translator and poet. His main work is Risaralda (1935), which describes the lives of blacks and mulattos in the forest, in a style very close to local customs: General descriptions of uses, objects, habits and customs of the people of the village, with an ornamental dress dotted with cultured references completely disproportionate. In addition, Arias Trujillo published light novels, when they sing the swans, sentimental girl and spectral analysis of a spirit or along the paths of Sodom.