Biography of King of Asiria Arik-den-ili (1318-1306 a.C.)

(A-RI-IK-di-en-an or A-ri-ik-di-en-ilu) Third King of the so-called middle Assyrian Empire, son and successor of Enlil-nirari, who came to reign for twelve years, according to the Assyrian Royal Chronicle. Arik-den-ILI has become a specific chronic - fragmented Annals - collecting its military acts against several countries, including Nigimkhi, Turukki, Kutmukhi and Quttu. He/She also built, according to some inscriptions, a temple to Shamash, which rose in Assur. His control over large areas of the Assyrian periphery - with the Babylon cassita had only small skirmishes military - made him entitled "Mighty King" (sharru done). His son Adad-nirari Isucceeded him.