Biography of Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533)

Italian poet who was born in Reggio Emilia on September 8, 1474 and died in Ferrara in 1533.

His father worked in the service of the House, he/she was captain. He/She studied law, not liked him too, and it was not until 1494 when it authorized by his father to humanistic study. In 1500 died his father, so he/she had to drop out of school and take religious orders in order to maintain his family. In 1504 he/she served the cardinal HipĆ³lito de Este, who commissioned him dangerous and complicated missions. He/She published in 1516 Orlando furioso, reprinted in 1521 and increased in six cantos in 1532. The plot runs along three essential lines: the first link with the in love, Boiardo's Orlando, the second is the love of Orlando by Princess Angelica, and the third litigation of love between Bradamante and Ruggiero. All the characters move in a fantastic climate, but represent universal feelings, such as love, hatred, honour, etc.

In 1517 he/she entered the service of Duke Alfonso, husband of Lucrecia Borgia. Garfagnana was in full political convulsion, nobody wanted the post of Governor, and Ariosto accepted it by living through times of economic difficulties. When he/she returned to Ferrara bought a small house, where they could carry out your literary dreams. He/She wrote in latin and in the vernacular language the Carmina, 1494-1503, mere exercises school, in the manner of Tibullus and Horacio; Rhymes, 1494-1515, songs, sonnets, madrigals of love theme; seven satires, 1517-1525, on issues and real-life situations.

He is the author of five comedies, where we can see his passion for Theatre: Cassaria, 1508; The assumptions, 1509; The necromancer, 1520; Firewood, 1528; the incomplete students, 1518. In addition to author, he/she was actor, director and an excellent organizer of theatrical performances.