Biography of Mariano Arista (1802-1855)

Military and Mexican politician, born at San Luis de Potosí in 1802 and died aboard the English vessel Tagus as he traveled to France in 1855. He enlisted at the age of fifteen as Cadet in the Provincial Regiment of Puebla and in 1821 he joined the ship liberty with Iturbide. That year he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel and in November 1933 he was promoted to Brigadier General. That year he was banished to the United States where not returned until triumphed the Cuernavaca Plan. In 1836 the grade restored him and he was appointed member of the Supreme War Tribunal, of the Board of the military code, and inspector of the active militia.

In 1846 was the commissioned send of the Northern army in the war against United States of America, who was defeated in the battle of Palo Alto. In 1848 he was appointed Secretary of war and Navy; He remained in office until 1851, where he was elected constitutional President. He resigned in 1853. Removed from power, he settled in Seville. When he went to France in search of relief for his illness, died aboard the English vessel Tagus. The Government of the general Comonfort declared him benemérito of the homeland in 1856. He wrote project for the arrangement of Mexico (1848).