Biography of Darío Arizmendi Posada (1945-VVVV)

Colombian journalist born in Medellín in 1945. He/She studied journalism at the universities of Madrid and Navarre (Spain); Master's degree in political science and Economics from the University of Madrid. Arizmendi Posada has been member of the circle of journalists of Antioquia and its Board of Directors in various periods; It belongs to the Rotary Club and the Latin American Association of communicators for development. He/She has collaborated in several national and foreign publications, such as El Colombiano of Medellin (1967-1977); The Alcazar and Nuevo Diario de Madrid (Spain). He/She has also been Manager of Albon and Interprint editors of Medellín enterprises, and has been teaching as a professor at the universities of Antioquia and Pontificia Bolivariana. Arizmendi Posada is co-author of the books Boyacá, Cartagena, Barranquilla and Medellin, Colombia regions series.