Biography of Conde de Urgel Armengol I (ca. 973-1011)

Count of Urgel, known by the nickname of Córdoba. Born about 973 and died near Cordoba in 1011. He/She made numerous wars against Muslims.

He was son of Borrell II and brother of Ramón Borrell III, count of Barcelona. From 989 Armengol started to rule the County of Urgell as an associate of his father to the throne and took full control in 992 Borrell's death. He/She married Guislia, who is also named as Guilla and Tetberga in documents. In the year 992 he/she began a trip to Rome along with Gualdo, pretender to the MITRE of Vich, to visit the graves of San Pedro and San Pablo and met with Pope Gregory V; He/She returned to travel to Rome in 1001 accompanied Bishop Salla, count of Urgell, in order to request privileges for the Church-Cathedral of Seo and install it from Pope Sylvester II aquisgranense reform. In 1003 Armengol attacked the Moorish Kingdom of Lleida as a response to the invasion of Urgell from Abd al - Málek al - Mudafar, son of Almanzor and the count fell prisoner in Albesa next year, could win their release shortly after payment of ransom.

The count of Urgel joined the Barcelona to carry out attack against Córdoba expeditions, in response to the request for assistance made by the Catalan counts a Cordoba faction. At the beginning of may of 1010 they defeated a coalition of Muslim Córdoba and Christians at the battle of Acbatalbacar and were defeated on June 21 near the Guadaira River; in their retreat the counts looted Córdoba and got a great booty. Armengol was wounded in battle or during looting, July 28 left Testament and died soon after; his body was transferred to Ripoll, where he/she received burial. Was succeeded by his only son, Armengol, with just one year of age.

During his tenure condal Armengol I collaborated with the Church and helped with the installation of the reform in Catalonia aquisgranense, through the aforementioned mediation before the Pope in favour of the Seo Cathedral. He/She also sought the union of monasteries of San Clemente de Codinet and San Andrés de Tresponts and favoured the monastery of Ripoll and the Church of Santa Cruz in Barcelona through major donations. In his will he/she bequeathed to the monastery of Santa María de Gósol five ounces of gold to buy books, reflecting the concern by the culture that the count had.


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