Biography of Conde de Urgel Armengol III (ca. 1036-1065)

Count of Urgel, known with the nickname of Barbastro, born to 1036 and died in Barbastro in 1065.

Son of Peregrine Armengol II and Constance, inherited the County of Urgell on the death of his father (1039), while he/she was still a child. He/She grew up with his mother in the Highlands to the North of their States, while in the low Urgel Arnau Mir de Tost, a captain of his father which also supported frequent pacts Armengol III reign. The count of Urgel attended along with his mother to the consecration of the Church of Urgell from October 23, 1040, and eight years later made a significant donation to the Church. Supposed Armengol III's marriage to 1050, year in which his mother Constance ceases to appear in the documentation next to him. Total married four wives: Adaleta, clemency (named in documents from 1057), Elvira and Sancha of Aragon; of his numerous marriages were born Ramon Berenguer, Guillen and Felicia, the last mother of three kings of Aragon: Pedro I, Alfonso I the Battler and Ramiro II the monk.

Armengol III signed an alliance with Ramón Berenguer I against Cerdaña (1053), and later against any enemy, mainly Muslims, who forced the count of Urgel to participate in all the expeditions that were convened by the count of Barcelona and granted the third part of the common achievements. 1062 both counts joined together to fight against the Moorish King of Zaragoza, which had attacked the lands of Ribagorza and together managed to pay them tribute Balaguer, Lleida, Barbastro, Monzón, and other places. In 1066 Armengol received Ramon Berenger I Miravet Castle to this to continue the war against the Moors.

From 1064 they had interviews Armengol III and his son, Sancho Ramírez of Aragon, in which concluded the taking of Huesca and Barbastro, being this last, he/she was subjected by the Muslims, tax of the count of Urgel. The siege lasted a whole year, and the Moorish King of Huesca was in aid of the besieged, unsuccessfully against the Christian forces. The city was taken, but Armengol III was killed in the attempt. His mortal remains were transferred by Arnau Mir to Ager, being buried in the Church of San Pedro 12 April 1065.


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