Biography of Conde de Urgel Armengol V (ca. 1081-1102)

Count of Urgell, also known as Moyeruca, born about 1081 and died 11 September 1102.

Son of Armengol IV of Gerp and Lucia, inherited the County of Urgell on the death of his father in 1092. He/She was a cousin of the Kings of Aragon Pedro I, Alfonso II and Ramiro II. He/She was educated at the Court of Alfonso VI of Castile and had tutors until the age of fifteen. He/She married María (21-V-1095), daughter of count Pedro Ansúrez in and received the city of Valladolid as a wedding dowry. After his marriage he/she lived almost always in Castile, handing over control of their States to a Viscount, sometimes on an interim basis, but in other cases of hereditary form, as happened with Volard and Udalard Bernardo.

In 1094 Armengol V helped Sancho Ramírez of Aragon (died 1094) on the site of Huesca and Gerp castle that same year delivered, as did his father, the Bishop of Urgell, Guillem Arnau of Montferrer. The count returned to participate in the attack from the side of Pedro I, successor of Sancho Ramírez, Huesca until the conquest of the city was consummated November 28, 1096. A year later, on the occasion of his trip to Castile, Armengol appointed Governor of the low Urgell to the Viscount Gerau, Lord of Àger and in 1098 ceded the castle of Gerp Gerau Ponce, Viscount of Àger. He/She died in 1102 when it came in relief of the troops of Alfonso VI, in Moyeruca, in the Kingdom of León, being his body, then transferred to Santa María de Solsona.

From his marriage to María Ansúrez had several children: Armengol, who inherited the County after his death; Major, who married Pedro Fernández de Trava, count of Trastamara; Stephanie, married to Minerva Ponce, Majordomo of Alfonso VII; Teresa, who married Guillem Folch, Viscount of Cardona; and Pedro, died while still a child. There is a legend that tells how Armengol V, in a battle against the Muslims near Cordoba, pursued his enemies fleeing in exodus, up to the very gates of the city, whose door knockers plucked and deposited them in the Church of Santa María la Antigua.


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