Biography of Karole Armitage (1950-VVVV)

Dancer, choreographer and American artistic director born in Madison (Wisconsin) on March 3, 1954. He/She studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts, and with Bill Evans at the University of Utah in 1971 and 1972. After being fellow of the School of American Ballet and the Harkness Ballet School, Armitage began his career as a dancer in the Ballet of the Opera of Geneva, under the direction of Patricia Neary. In 1976, he/she returned to United States to integrate into the Group of Merce Cunningham, who left to put into practice his choreographic ideas. Although he/she had started working in the field of choreography in 1978, it was in 1980 that created the Armitage Dance Company, which was renamed, from 1986, Armitage Ballet.

He began to associate with rock guitarist Rhys Chatham as musicians, as well as new creators in the style of Michael Clark, and made his debut as a choreographer with work: Ne (The The, 1978), We Could Do (1979), Vertige (Chatham, 1980) and Drastic Classicism (Chatham, 1981). It has exploited characteristic of the 1980s, uses and fashions that have led her to be known as the punk artist. Commissioned by Rudolf Nureyev, Armitage created GV-10 (Stockhausen, 1984) for the Groupe de Recherche Chorégraphique de l' Opéra de Paris (GRCOP). -P = dH/dq (Linton, 1985), renamed later as The Watteau Duets, Armitage returned to juxtapose classicism with punk language, and he/she appeared on stage about the tips. Other works have been opera-ballet The Elizabethan Phrasing of the Late Albert Ayler (several, 1986), with costumes by the painter David Salle; The Mollino Room (Hindemith, 1985) for the American Ballet Theatre; Duck Dances (Lohn, 1988), Contempt (several, 1989), a study of love in the film, with text by Bret Easton Ellis; Dancing Zappa (Zappa, 1990), Overboard (Shea, 1991), Hucksters of the Soul (Shea, 1993), I Had a Dream (several, 1993), Tattoo and Tutu (Shocklee Brothers, 1994) and Il Viaggio di Scherazade (Shea, Rimsky-Korsakov and Nathanson, 1995).

Since 1996 he/she is artistic director of MaggioDanza in Florence, company that has created The Predators' Ball (several, 1996), a new version of Hucksters of the Soul, Apollo e Dafne (Handel, 1997), Weather of Reality (Seanski, 1997) and Pinocchio (1998), this last with costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier. In addition, collaborated in the preparation of the Vogue (1991) video clips for Madonna and In the Closet (1992) for Michael Jackson.