Biography of Henry Armstrong (1912-1988)

American boxer of color, born in Columbus (Ohio) on December 12, 1912 and died in Los Angeles (California) on October 24, 1988, which was the only Boxer in the own three simultaneous Championships in three different categories. Its true name Henry Jackson.

He began fighting as an amateur in 1929 under the name of "Melody" Jackson, his real surname, stage in which won fifty-eight and sixty-two matches he/she played. In addition to "Melody" Jackson, the names of "Perpetual motion", "Killer Hank" and "Hurricane Henry" used throughout his career. In 1931 he/she began his career professional with a defeat before the Lovino, however his youth allowed him to continue to improve. In October 1937 he/she was world Featherweight Championship to impose by K.O. on Petey Sarron in the sixth round. In May 1938 he/she won the Welterweight Championship points on Barney Ross, after a fifteen round bout; and in August of the same year he/she beat Lou Ambers in the dispute for the Championship of the lightweights, after fifteen rounds of hard combat. Due to his weight gain, it had no chance of defending the title pen, and the title of light lost it to the own Lou Ambers a year after winning it. However, in the category welterweight successfully defended his title in the course of twenty matches, until finally losing it in October 1940 against Fritzie Zivic, who beat fifteen-round points. In January 1941 he/she had the rematch, but Zivic knocked him in the 12th round. He/She then decided to confront the middleweights Championship, but in a very tight match against Ceferino García, the judges declared draw, allowing García to retain the title. His career ended in 1945, after disputed one hundred and seventy-five fights by twenty-six World Championships, which they won 145, 97 of them by K.O. As a member of the Baptist Church, in 1951 he/she was ordained a priest