Biography of Klas Arnoldsson (1844-1916)

Journalist and Swedish politician born in Gothenburg on October 27, 1844 and died in Stockholm on February 20, 1916.

He worked for ten years (1871-1881) as an employee of the railways of the State, period after which he/she was elected, as a member of radical, Member of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag). Devout pacifist, defended the permanent neutrality of Scandinavia and in 1883 he/she was one of the founders of the Swedish Association for peace and reconciliation, which worked as a Secretary for several years. He/She acted as a mediator in the conflict of the separation between Norway and Sweden, focusing all their efforts to avoid the war with Norway (1905). His pacifist activities made the Nobel Peace Prize, shared with Frederik Bajer, Danish Publisher — to be given in 1908. Deserving of the highest praise for his great belief and faith in human dignity and inherent rights, he/she fought for their freedom of expression. He/She wrote: is world peace possible?, and in 1900 Seklernashopp (the hope of the centuries), in relation to the advances experienced by the peace movement. In his works he/she raised the issue of liberty in all its fields, opposing all the formulas that could lead to xenophobia as a possible vehicle of dictatorships and wars.