Biography of Rosanna Arquette (1959-VVVV)

American film actress born in New York (United States) on August 10, 1959.


Born in a family dedicated to the world of the show, his father is the comic actor Lewis Arquette and his mother the pacifist poet Mardi Arquette. She is sister of the also actress Patricia Arquette. His brothers David and Alexis have also started career as actors in small roles. With just eighteen years began to appear in roles cast in films and series for television as with eight is enough. In 1982, it was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on the adaptation for television of the work of Norman Mailer of executioner, which also intervened Tommy Lee Jonessong.

Its role and the recognition as an actress arrived you looking for Susan desperately (1985), Susan Seidelman. In it he played a housewife fascinated by an ad in the newspaper that he was in contact with a strange woman, Susan, which played Madonna in her first film role. The soundtrack, which features songs by the singer, worked actively to the surprising success of this production of a Director who had moved so far in the New York independent circuits. Desperately seeking Susan opened the doors of the Hollywood industry Director and actress. Rosanna Arquete took advantage of this situation to choose roles risky in films of some of the more personal panorama film of the eighties and nineties.

After intervening in Silverado (1985), a revision of the classic western of Lawrence Kasdan, intervened in Jo, what a night! (1987), by Martin Scorsese, which recovered tone underground looking for Susan desperately, without doubt one of the most atypical films from its director and one of the best in the actress's filmography. Scorsese filmed the movie with a budget far lower than usual on it at the time and completed the shooting of this surreal divertimento in just a month. The collaboration of the actress with Martin Scorsese was prolonged in the episode that this directed in New York stories (1989). In it she played muse and student of a painter, Nick Nolte, that it was undergoing a creative crisis and personnel.

Their best performances of the Decade of the 1980s include the thriller eight million ways to die (1986), which returned to work under the orders of Hal Ashby. Adaptation of the eponymous novel by Lawrence Block, Rosanna Arquette gave life to Sarah, the prostitute who redeems the detective played by Bridges. Another of his greatest hits from public is great blue (1987), the Frenchman Luc Besson. Based on the life of the French diver Jacques Mayol, free diving world record holder, she demonstrates her versatility as an actress and the radically different that are their roles in the film.

During the 1990s he combines work on television with his appearances on the big screen of the hand of independent directors. These include its small role in Pulp Fiction (1994), QuentinTarantino, as the fanatical piercing girlfriend of a drug dealer, or the paraplegic crash (1997), David Cronemberg, adaptation of the novel strange cult of J.G. Ballard in which sexual perversion are mixed and car accidents.


1978: Dark secret of the harvest home. 1979: more American graffiti. 1980: Gorp.1981: S.O.B. are honored bandits; Long homecoming. 1982: The song of the executioner. 1983: Baby, it's you; Off the wall. 1985: The aviator; Looking for Susan desperately; Silverado; Jo, what a night!. 1986: Eight million ways to die; Nobody's fool. 1987: Amazon on the Moon; The big blue. 1988: stories of New York; Beyond the Rainbow; Wendy cracked a walnut. 1990: Sweet revenge; Don't hang up. 1991: Flight of the intruder; Encadenadamente yours. 1992: Unescaped, win or die; Fathers and sons. 1993: The wrong man. 1994: Pulp Fiction; Search and destroy; Escape impossible. 1995: Journal of a rebel. 1996: Gone Fishin' '; Crash; Les menteurs. 1997: Do me a favour; The impostor.