Biography of Hermenegildo. Conde de Arruga Arruga Liró (1886-1972)

Ophthalmologist Spanish, born in Barcelona on March 15, 1886 and died in the same city in 1972, considered one of the best surgeons in the world in his discipline - especially in the operation of retinal detachment-. It gained considerable celebrity due to surgical interventions performed at his clinic and witnessed by doctors around the world.


He studied medicine at the University of Barcelona and later travelled to Paris and Berlin to complete his training (Doctor in medicine and surgery). He/She learned the most advanced techniques of the era to be European and American specialists always in contact centers, techniques that he/she himself contributed to improve thanks to the invention, among other devices, "wrinkle clip", an instrument to remove cataracts that began to be used in the ophthalmologic clinics of the world. In 1914 he/she was appointed Spanish delegate to attend the International Congress of Ophthalmology, which took place in Petersburgo, which gave beginning to a brilliant career as a representative of Spain in various international fora. He/She was a member of a multitude of agencies related to their discipline, which included the society ophthalmologic Hispano-Americana, of which he/she was Honorary President of the academies of medicine in Argentina and Mexico and ophthalmological societies of Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Egypt; It belonged also to the University of Heidelberg, who appointed him Doctor Honoris cause, and Spanish representative in the French society of Ophthalmology, in the Steering Committee of the German society of Ophthalmology and the Pan American Congress of Montevideo (1946) and Havana (1948). In Spain, was President of the ophthalmological society and section responsible for such matters within the Academy of medical sciences of Barcelona, as well as honorary member of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (C.S.I.C.). Prominent personalities, such as the Queen María José of Italy and the President of Brazil passed through his clinic.

The numerous awards that were given to him throughout his professional career include the Gonin medal by the International Committee of Ophthalmology - was the first Spanish to obtain it-; the Gran Cruz Cruzeiro do Sul from the Brazilian Academy; the Cruz de Alfonso X el Sabio and the prize Conder of the Royal Academy of medicine and surgery of Madrid. In 1950, he/she was awarded the title of count of wrinkle. Author of many articles, conferences and specialized works, including etiology and photogenic of the detachment of retina (1933), is also the detachment of the retina (1936), which was translated into several languages, eye surgery (1946) and an ophthalmological vocabulary.