Biography of Queen of Egipto Arsinoe II (316-270 a.C.)

Queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy I and Berenice I. Very young his other wife was married to Lysimachus, King of Thrace, which had repudiated to Seymen. In order to secure the throne to one of the children with the Thracian King, he/she did murder of Agathocles, son-in-law of her husband. This death would cause of the own Lysimachus, who also ended up being killed. Arsinoe II had to flee to Ephesus and later Macedonia. Trying to win the Macedonian throne for his sons, married his brother and brother-in-law Ptolomeo Ceraunos, who, eager to throne, has not hesitated to intervene in Macedonia and even in murdering two sons of Arsinoe II. Before those crimes, Arsinoe II was forced to flee to Alexandria, where married his third with his brother Ptolemy II, Philadelphos called it better. This dedicated several cities and a temple, in addition to deify her in life with the name of Afrodita Zefiritis. Arsinoe II, whose name neswt bity was Khenemet ib-in-Maat-meret-ntjeru, exerted a great influence in the Court and in the cultural life of his time.