Biography of King of Armenia Artabaces I o Artavasde (s. I a. C.)

King of Armenia, son of Tigranes II; It made Alliance with the Romans in 54 BC, at the time of the expedition of Crassus, then betrayed them. Allied with Pacorus in 50 BC, he/she invaded with Syria and threatened to Cilicia, which was Governor Cicero. In the year 36 Marco Antonio invaded the Armenia, made prisoner Artabaces with his family, and led him to decorate his triumph in Alexandria; After the battle of Actium, Cleopatra ordered the killing and sent his head to Artavasdes, King of the Medes, to excite you to take up arms on behalf of Marco Antonio and Octavio. Artabaces had written some historical and dramatic works which existed still in the time of Plutarch.