Biography of King of Persia Artajerjes I (465-424 a.C.)

(Artakhshatra or Arthasastha or Artaxerxes) King Persian Achaemenid, Xerxes I's son and successor of his brother Dario, who murdered, instigated by the intriguing Artabanus within forty-five days of reign. Committed this crime, Artaxerxes I had to fight against another of his brothers, Hystaspes, who reigned in Bactria and who asserted their rights to the throne; Artaxerxes I might also rid themselves of him, as it had done with other conspirators (including the aforementioned Artabanus). Under his reign, Egypt, a country that was as a component of the XXVII dynasty Egyptian, revolted. Troops from the rebellious Inaros, which counted with the collaboration of Greek forces, came to occupy and dominate the delta after defeating the satrap Achaemenes, brother of Xerxes I, at Papremis; However, they were defeated by the troops of the satrap of Syria Megabizosin 456 BC, and Inaros was executed in Persia. After these events, Artaxerxes I Sarsamas (Arsames) appointed satrap of Egypt. The real opponent of the great Persian King was Greece, which did not hesitate to fan the rivalries among the Greek cities, welcoming even the fugitive Themistocles, who delivered in stronghold some cities (Magnesia, Lampsacus, Myus). The death of Cimon stopped to Athens in its attempts to continue their struggles against Artaxerxes I, and then signed the peace of Callias (449-448 BC), by which Persia acknowledged the Greek domination in fact on the Aegean and the coast of Asia minor, and Athens agreed to not intervene in Egypt or Cyprus. Artaxerxes I his son succeeded him (had his main wife, Damaspia) Xerxes II , who reigned only for month and a half, since he/she was killed by his bastard brother Sogdiano. Artaxerxes I is known also as longimanus.