Biography of King of Persia Artajerjes III (358-338 a.C.)

(Artakhsatra or Arthasastha or Artaxerxes) Persian King Achaemenid, son and successor of Artaxerxes II, which took its name, since he/she was eight. Killing the most significant Royal princes, including his brothers Darius and Ariarte, sons of the Queen Estatira, and his half-brother Arsames, the favorite of Artaxerxes II began his reign. The new High King, strong and cruel, devoted all his efforts to restore the past glory to Persia, which did not hesitate to fight the rebellious satraps, case of Artavasdes, who had to flee to the Court of Philip II of Macedon.

Artaxerxes III was always desire to reconquer Egypt; still Prince participated in an attempt of recovery in that country, after the conquest of Syria and Palestine, and was able to undergo the Pharaoh Teos. After solving the speed of Asia minor, in the winter of 351-350 BC, personally attacked Egypt, which had revolted, but was rejected. Cities Greek, especially Macedonia, took party of this Persian defeat. The uprisings began at various points. Sidon was raised in arms and allied to Egypt; Cyprus made the same. Nectánebos II Pharaoh only provided a military contingent to Sidon when this Phoenician city was attacked by Artaxerxes III, who submitted it in 346-345 BC, after the betrayal of his own King Tennes. The 40,000 dead caused prompted other Phoenician cities to undergo the great Persian King. After that, Artaxerxes III went to Egypt at the head of a numerous army that had the General Bagoas, the eunuch, and Mentor of Rhodes. Nectanebos II was unable to resist and retired from Pelusium to Memphis. At the same time, from here he/she fled to lower Nubia taking its treasures. Artaxerxes III told Egypt its satrap Ferendares before retiring to Persia, looted the country and committed all kinds of abuses, according to Plutarch and Aelian. The interests of Egypt were defended by a such Khababash, ephemeral Pharaoh, of which virtually nothing is known (Nastesen of the Berlin Museum wake). Artaxerxes III began the "second Persian domination" in Egypt, by putting in place the 31ST dynasty.

In General, the reign of Artaxerxes III was involved in intrigues and constant fights, as well as a feeling of distrust towards Macedonia, power with which even signed a peace Pact and non-aggression. He/She died poisoned by his personal physician following the orders of the eunuch Bagoas, who put on the throne to the youngest son of Artaxerxes III, Arses, son of Atossa, but murdered which also.