Biography of King of Hurri Artatama II (ca. 1350 a.C.)

(Ar-ta-ta-to-mash) King of the Hurri, son of Shuttarna II and brother of Artashshumara and Tushratta. Given that it was greater than Tushratta, once removed his other brother Artashshumara, thought with a superior right to the throne, by what did not hesitate to ask for help to the Hittite Suppiluliumas I, who ultimately he/she had to occupy the throne of Hurri, then separated from Mitanni. After the murder of Tushratta, King Artatama II again seized Mitanni and joined Hurri, while it punished the insurgent country and put in it as regent to his son Shuttarna III.

Artatama II, which had serious problems with the countries of Alshe and Assyria (respectively ruled by Antaratal and Assur-uballit I), which it had already nominally partitioned Mitanni, and who had to deliver the riches of the Palace and ask them for help, the quiet, short-lived him as he/she was to see how his son Shuttarna III threatened the life of the Prince and heir to legitimate of Mitanni, his nephew, called Mattiwaza (read also as Shattiwaza and Kurttiwaza name). This Prince could flee first to Babylon, where he/she was not well received (Burna-Buriash III denied him asylum), and then to the Court of Suppiluliumas I, who in addition to signing a treaty with him gave him even to his daughter in marriage. This circumstance allowed again to the Hittite King interfering in issues of Hurri (had helped Artatama II) and Mitanni (matrimonial ties). Ignored what happened with Artatama II in his later years of reign