Biography of Ignacio Fernando Arteaga y Bazán (1731-1783)

Spanish navigator, born in the town of Aracena (Huelva), 17 February 1731. He/She began to serve as a marine guard in October 1747. It reached employment of Lieutenant in 1767. The expedition that we review was the third carried out for recognition of the Northwest Coast in February 1779. He/She died with the employment of captain in September 1783. His writings include the journal of navigation that the favor of God and the Virgin of Regla, hopes to make the Lieutenant don Ignacio de Arteaga, sending the frigate of S.M. Nuestra Señora del Rosario, alias "the Princess", from the port of San Blas, that is 27 degrees, 30 minutes north latitude to 70 degrees from the same standby to explorations of the northern coast of Californialeading to orders the "Favorita" frigate, commanded by the same class Francisco Bodega y Quadra.