Biography of Hans Carl Artmann (1921-2000)

Austrian writer, born in Vienna in 1921 and died in Vienna, Austria on December 4, 2000. After serving in the German army and be taken prisoner by the Americans, Artmann returned to Vienna. His first poems appeared at the end of the forties in the journal Neue Wege. Together with A. K. Bayer, G. Rühm, F. Achleitner and O. Wiener formed which later would be known as "Vienna group". After extensive travels throughout Europe, in 1961 he/she moved his residence to Stockholm, then West Berlin, Lund, Malmö, again Berlin, Graz and Berlin again. Since 1972, he/she lives in Salzburg.

In its first publication, med ana dintn Ana (1958), Artmann resorts to a traditional genre: literature in dialect. However, the genre becomes here the opposite of what it traditionally represents: the simple, intimate and welcoming character of the Viennese dialect disappears after the black humor of his macabre scenes. In twenty-six stories that make up Von denen Husaren und anderen Seil-Tanzern (of his Hussars and other funambulists, 1959) parodies the language and conception of the picaresque novel.

Artmann runs through the different periods of the history of world literature. What of them more interested, either forms or narrative themes, picks it and integrated it into his cosmos litearrio. The most striking is its preference for exotic lands, dangerous travel and topics of popular literature. Thus, for example, concentrates in his Dracula Dracula (1966) all the existing literature on the count of Transylvania in very few pages. But his works are not nowhere parodies, but parts in which language through a very caraceteristico is conveys an image of the world. Include in addition: Fleiss und Industrie (effort and industry, 1967), der handkolorierte menschenfresser (the man-eating handpainted, 1968), Unter der Bedeckung eines Hutes (under the protection of a hat, 1974), Grammatik der Rosen prose (grammar of the Roses of prose, 1979), gedichte von der Wollust des Dichters in worte talfahrt (the welfare of the poet poems composed in words, 1989).