Biography of Hanan Ashrawi (1946-VVVV)

Policy and Palestinian diplomatic, spokesman for the Palestinian delegation in peace talks with Israel, born in 1946 in Ramallah (West Bank). His full name is Hanan Mikhail Ashrawi.

Member of a Christian Palestinian Anglican and well-to-do family, studied at the American University of Beirut. There he/she played in Palestinian organizations of the radical left, such as the General Union of Palestinian students, an activism that he/she inherited from his father, Dr. Daoud Mikhail, a founding member of the PLO. He/She received his doctorate in English literature from the University of Virginia (USA).UU.) and, after returning to Ramallah, came in 1975 at the Bir Zeit University as Professor of comparative and medieval literature, to later become dean of the school of arts.

From his academic post strove to open channels of dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis, but not left to defend the people in the occupied territories, or Intifada uprising, in December 1987, which earned him several arrests by the Israeli authorities.

Close to Fatah - majority group within the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (OLP) - but without military, participated in the Palestinian delegation, as a member of its Advisory Committee, in the Madrid Conference (30 October - 1 November 1991), which launched the peace process in the Middle East. Ashrawi, like the rest of the delegates, representing Palestinians in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem, and not officially participated on behalf of the PLO or other organization, in accordance with the conditions imposed by Israel. In successive rounds of bilateral negotiations, as spokesperson for the delegation, Ashrawi gained international notoriety by his clear, always a critical discourse with the israeli Government, and his intellectual image (speaks a perfect English) and modern.

On 8 August 1993 presented his resignation, along with the also responsible for the negotiating team Saeb Erekat and Faisal Husseini, in protest against the acceptance made by the leader of the PLO, y. Arafat, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs israeli, S. Peres, the exclusion of East Jerusalem for eventual Palestinian autonomy. However the next day it reconsidered its decision and the 13 agreed to negotiate in the future on behalf of the Executive Committee of the PLO, which is harmonized with the delegation. The stagnation of the negotiations required a secret dialogue in Oslo in August 1993, allowing to write the historic Declaration of principles, signed in Washington on 13 September 1993.

On 10 December of that same year, Ashrawi presented his irrevocable resignation as a member of the Palestinian delegation, in a context of growing domestic criticism to Arafat's leadership and demands of democratization of the structures of the PLO. It focused on the situation of human rights in the occupied territories and attended as an independent in the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council on January 19, 1996. He/She won the seat representing East Jerusalem.