Biography of zar de Bulgaria Asparuch (ca. 640-ca. 700)

Bulgarian Tsar who lived at the end of the 7th century and the beginning of the VIII. It has been considered as the founder of the Bulgarian Empire around the 679. He/She reigned over the Bulgarians approximately between the 640 and 700. Just details of his life are known

It was one of the five sons of Kubrat warlord, who ruled over all the tribes of the Bulgarians. In the middle of the 7th century was the head of a horde of Bulgarians, known as the "tribe of the Utiguri", who lived in the Dniester region. On the death of his father around the 640 he/she received the Crown, so it went on to rule over all the Bulgarians. From the place where they were, in front of his men left the region of the Dniester towards the West around the 660 and crossed the Danube, settling in the region of Varna. There, founded in the Danube delta, a fortified city that became its capital, on whose exact situation historians because of agreement. From there along with his men performed continuous expeditions of prey against the Byzantine possessions along the Danube.

With the consent of the Byzantine Emperor Constant II settled with their tribes in the region of Bessarabia to the 668. Byzantium was forced to accept their presence since the majority of his troops were fighting against the Arabs on the other end of the Empire. In the 669 Asparuch moved together with the Bulgarian tribes towards the Dobrudia, from which refused to recognize the authority of Constantine IV, who had succeeded constant II. The annoying Emperor this challenge sent a punitive expedition, led by the same against Asparuch. The Byzantine troops were defeated and completely annihilated. The Bulgarians in their pursuit of the remnants of the defeated Army crossed the Danube. Asparuch continued the following year by attacking Byzantine cities. This situation forced the emperor to recognize Bulgarians possession over the territories of Escitia Menor and Moesia Inferior, while he/she began to pay an annual tribute to the Bulgarian ruler in Exchange for a commitment not to attack the territory of Thrace.

In the year 679 Bulgarians settled in the region between the Danube and the foothills of the Balkan mountains. This fact has been considered by historians as the foundational Act of the Bulgarian Empire. Asparuch managed to submit the local Slavic tribes, who were forced to pay tribute. The Slavs were resettled in the borders, where they were used as bulwarks against the Avars to the West and the Byzantines to the South. The 687 Emperor Justinian II broke the agreement signed with the Bulgarians and stopped paying the annual tribute. No just data on its work of Government, although an 11th century Bulgarian source, claimed that he/she died during a battle against the Khazars. He/She was succeeded by his son, Tervel.