Biography of Hans Asperger (1906-1980)

Psychiatrist and Austrian paediatrician, born in Vienna, on February 18, 1906 and died on October 21, 1980. He/She was the discoverer of a characteristic behavior that is now known as Asperger syndrome.

He studied at the University of Vienna, studying General Medicine, with the intention of then specializing in the branch of Pediatrics. It began with practices at the paediatric University Clinic in Vienna, contributes with interest practices that developed in curative education, practices in which that institution was a pioneer since 1918. This was the basis of his doctoral thesis from 1944, the doctor describing the disconcerting behaviour of 4 children, aged 6 to 11 who shared a specific disability for social interaction, despite his good fitness and performance in all cognitive variables. In this work he/she uses the term of autistic psychopathy to refer to their small patients, term which was validated immediately.

The foundations of the curative education Asperger's were based on deploying a therapeutic strategy techniques of special education with medical practice, including supplementing with a job provided by a multidisciplinary team (doctors, nurses, educators and therapists). Its premise was that, despite the tremendous impediment that presented, these children were still some capacity to adapt, is putting into operation if provided them a varied and comprehensive counselling according to its special features...

After the second war world Asperger he/she assumed the leadership of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Vienna, and led it for more than 20 years. It was there, while developing a work, where the death surprised him suddenly in 1980.

His research works were relegated to the background, until the English psychiatrist Lorna Wing used the term Asperger syndrome in a work published in 1981, in which the author relied on Asperger's findings to refute the concept of Leo Kanner autism.

In 2006, they celebrated the 100 years of the birth of the discoverer, with the Declaration of the international year of Asperger's syndrome.