Biography of King of Asiria Assur-bel-nisheshu (1417-1409 a.C.)

(Ash-Ashur-bel-curujey-shu or A-sur-EN-ni-she-shu) Assyrian king, son and successor of Ashur-nirari II, who came to rule nine years according to the Assyrian Royal Chronicle. According to the synchronous Chronicle, he/she was a contemporary of Kara indash from Babylon, with whom he/she signed a treaty in which the borders of both States were determined. Ashur-bel-nisheshu have survived a few inscriptions - some allude to the construction of the walls of Assur - and also a few texts of legal type. It was succeeded by his, son Ashur-rim-nisheshu, who perhaps dethroned him.