Biography of King of Asiria Assur-dan I (1178-1133 a.C.)

(A-shur-da-a-an) Assyrian king, son and successor of Ninurta-APAL-Ekur, known by the actual lists and other documentary references. Of his long reign - the longest of all the Assyrian Kings - we have few news, although it is known that it could wean its policy of Babylon, then ruled by the cassita Zababa-shum-iddina. It could be different campaigns by the Babylonian border area and even to establish their influence by all the lower Zab and the Adhem. However, there was interrupted such struggles to go north of their empire and deal with the mushki, who he/she beat. In addition, faced with the akhlamu and also the sutu, who could impose tribute. He/She consumed his last years of reign in clashes against the Elamites, then led by Shilhaka-Inshushinak. At his death he/she was succeeded by one of his sons, of name Ninurta-Tukulti-Ashur.