Biography of King of Asiria Assur-dan II (934-912 a.C.)

(A-shur-dan-an) Assyrian king, who initiates the so-called new empire of such Mesopotamian power. He/She succeeded on the throne, Tiglath-Pileser II, who received a "dead country", collected texts of the own Ashur-dan II. At the expense of great efforts he/she managed to go closing the serious political and economic crisis had been going through since 1077 BC So he/she devoted himself to an efficient livestock and agricultural reform, which managed to prevent the exodus of his subjects. It could also fight against the Aramaeans, who rejected to the vicinity of the current Mosul. He/She also made a victorious raid against Babylon and the areas of the North. Ashur-Dan II, who restored some buildings and monuments, its Annals, that allow to know the broad outlines of his performance have come to us. He/She was succeeded on the throne by his son Adad-nirari II.