Biography of King of Asiria Assur-dan III (772-755 a.C.)

(ASH-shur-dan-an) King of Assyria, brother and successor of Shalmaneser IV. The decline of the Empire, which had begun already long ago, was more sharpening with Ashur-dan III, who had to face not only to the pressures of the enemies of the periphery, fighting back with different campaigns to Marad, Itua, Gananali and Khatarikka (Harzak), but also a serious food shortages, circumstances that complicated with a terrible epidemic of plague. Among its collaborators should highlight the turtanu Shamshi-ilu, and their governors Bet-samboy, sea, Sidqi-ilu, and bread-Ashshur-lamur. Coinciding with an eclipse of the Sun (763 BC), a sector of the nobility provoked an uprising in the imperial capital, Assur, which was spreading to other places, including Arrapkha and even Guzana, known by the Chronicle of the eponyms. On his death, the throne passed into the hands of Ashur-nirari V.