Biography of King of Asiria Assur-etil-ilani o Assur-etil-ilani-ukinni (630-627 a.C.)

(ASH-e-til-An or ASH-shur-NIR.GAL-AN) Assyrian king, son and successor of Assurbanipal, who to occupy the throne had to deal with a coup. Their first years of reign were altered by the attacks of the Scythians that ravaged the northern part of the Empire. According to inscriptions on bricks, Assur-ethyl-pi'ilani restored in Kalakh Ezida and the Eibeanum in Dilbat. Its general, without-shumu-lisir, which granted various privileges, would then be his successor. However, another son of Assurbanipal and, therefore, his brother, claimed le the throne of Babylon (under Assyrian control) arguing reasons of inheritance. This request was not well seen by Assur-ethyl-pi'ilani, and this resulted in a civil war that lasted four years. The contest ended with the death of the Assyrian king with Nippur, which motivated the brother (called free-shar-ishkun) to abandon Babylon and way to Nineveh to occupy the throne.