Biography of King of Babilonia Assur-nadin-shumi (699-694 a.C.)

(ASH-shur-MU-MU or ASH-shur-na-din-MU) King of Babylon from the 9th dynasty (Assyrian domain), eldest son of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, who elevated him to the Babylonian throne instead of Bel-ibni, educated Chaldean Assyrian, but completely ineffective Court noble. In its sixth year of reign, according to a chronic paleobabyllonican, and while his father was busy campaigning in the South of Babylon to submit to a local warlord's name Shuzubu (later known as Mushezib-Marduk) and in another by the Elam, Khallushu-inshushinak, Elamite King, invaded suddenly North of Babylon, sacked Sippar, massacred its inhabitants and captured Ashur-nadin-shumiled who to Elam, where died. The Elamite King put on the throne of Babylon to Nergal-ushezib. Ashur-nadin-shumi has not come no registration, even though his name is recorded in Babylonian sources and also a Canon eponymic.