Biography of King of Asiria Assur-nirari III (1203-1197 a.C.)

(ASH-shur-na-ra-ri or Ashir-neither-ra-ri) Assyrian king, son and successor of Ashur-nadin-apli, whose short reign of six years coincided with a time of great political decay. The legitimate King had to tolerate the presence of a second monarch, name Nabudan, who descended from a collateral branch of the Royal family. The Babylonians took advantage of this Assyrian decline whose King Adad-shum-usur came even to decry the behaviour to two contemporary Assyrian Kings, known by a fragment from the letter that has been preserved. Of Ashur-nirari III has not reached any kind of documentation. Ignored how ended his days, as well as the end of Nabudan. The asiriologos assume that both were ousted by Enlil-kudurri-usur, son of Tukulti-Ninurta I and uncle of Ashur-nirari III.