Biography of King of Asiria Assur-resha-ishi I (1132-1115 a.C.)

(A-shur-SAG-i-shi) King Assyrian called Middle Empire, son and successor of Muttakil-Nusku, and documented in various Assyrian Chronicles, which allots him eighteen-year reign. According to sources, Assur-resha-ishi I fought successfully against Ninurta-nadin-shumi and Nabucodonosor I, Kings of the fourth dynasty of Babylon. This latter inflicted him a severe defeat in the course of which seized their cars and equipment. He/She also fought against the akhlamu, the suteos, the lullumu and the qutu. Other texts collected its construction work, focused on the reconstruction of the Temple of Ishtar in Nineveh and some palaces as well as the building of the Temple of Anu and Hadad at Assur. Upon his death his son Tiglath-pileser Isucceeded him.