Biography of King of Asiria Assur-resha-ishi II (971-967 a.C.)

(As-shur-SAG-ishi) Assyrian king of the so-called average rule, son and successor of Ashur-rabi II. Of Assur-resha-ishi II are known different inscriptions of not much interest. In an Estela of Assur is entitled King of this empire; a cylinder of mud, broken, written by Mannu-bread-ili, a Vice-Regent controlling Shadikannu shows vassal of Assur-resha-ishi II, which would demonstrate the Assyrian control over the Khabur River Valley. According to the synchronous real list, it was contemporary of Mar-biti-apla-usur Babylonian and Assyrian Royal list, he/she was succeeded on the throne by his son Tiglath-pileser II.