Biography of King of Asiria Assur-Uballit I (1363-1328 a.C.)

(ASH-shur-U-bal-lit) Assyrian king, son and successor of Eriba-Adad I. Ashur-uballit I starts the Middle Empire, because of vassal state of Mitanni, Assyria becomes undisputed international power thanks to the great political tact of the new King, who since taking power, it was titled "King of all". Although there is no documentation that speaks to their businesses of Ashur-uballit I - what is known can be inferred from later sources-, thanks to two letters found at Tell el-Amarna, know the diplomatic and trade relations with the Egypt of Akhenaten, country that applies for gold and the same treatment such power CTF Mitanni. The protests of the Babylon King Burna-Buriash III did not wait, because he/she believed (and legally no reason missing) his vassals to the Assyrians. Ashur-Uballit I, ignoring such protests, first embarked on the conquest of Mitanni, taking advantage of the assassination of King Tushratta by one of his sons, hoping to shake off the yoke mitannio. He/She could walk their weapons by Washshukanni, retrieve the gates of gold and silver from Assur Shuttarna III that long ago had taken Shaushshatar, in even asking political counterparts aimed to slow the progress of the Hittite Suppiluliumas I. It could then take his arms victoriously to Musri country in the area of Lake Van. Babylon, accepting the reality of the facts, acknowledged the political range that the Assyrian demanded and also sealed it with the wedding of their King Burna-Buriash III with Muballitat-Sherua, a daughter of Ashur-Uballit I. This diplomatic marriage would be the cause of a host of problems between Babylon and Assyria, although he/she obtained fruit immediately, as it was to make a common front against the attack of the nomadic suteos which hindered the Mesopotamian commercial development in the area of Syria. According to the synchronous Chronicle, a sad fact occurred in Babylon: the murder of Kara-khardash, the grandson of the Assyrian king, by the nationalist faction, who refused a descendant of Ashur-Uballit I to (ultimately, an Assyrian means) arrived to govern Babylon. Had instead made a commoner: Nazi-missmetamorphic. Ashur-Uballit I did not hesitate to avenge the death of his grandson, because it attacked mercilessly to Babylon, punished the usurper and enthroned Kurigalzu II, brother of Kara - khardash or, as some, son of Burna-Buriash II. Ashur-Uballit I, which was also titled "Great King", made a series of buildings and restorations of monuments, as we know from some inscriptions. At his death he/she was succeeded by his son Enlil-Nirari.