Biography of King of Asiria Assur-uballit II (611-609 a.C.)

(ASH-shur-U-bal-lit) The name of the last King of Assyria took an Assyrian official who was proclaimed King of Kharran, only territory on the Assyrian Empire after the defeat of No-shar-ishkun in Nineveh. Ashur-uballit II, which counted with the help of the Egyptians, there were, however, leave this area in 610 BC and retreat to the Euphrates. Kharran was taken and sacked by the Medes and Chaldeans. The following year, Ashur-uballit II with new Egyptian troops sent by Pharaoh Nekao II tried to regain Kharran, which faced to the Chaldean Nabopolassar, but without positive result. Ignored how died Ashur-uballit II, which would be perhaps removed by the Egyptians themselves or died in some desperate military skirmish. With the King, Assyria disappeared from history.