Biography of King of Media Astiages (585-550 a.C.)

(Ishtuwegu or Afstyages or Astyages) Last mede King, son and successor of Cyaxares, with whom he/she had fought against the Lydians. Few news having his persona is known that he/she married the daughter of Alyattes and was brother-in-law of Croesus, Kings of Lydia. He/She was father of Amytis and Mandane, Medes princesses who married respectively with Nabucodonosor II and Cambyses I. It was, therefore, grandfather of Ciro II, against whom, however, would fight for three years. To be betrayed by his own troops at the battle of Pasargada (550 BC), went on to power of Ciro II, whom prisoner retained it until the end of his days. The rule of Astyages, with capital at Ecbatana, came to understand half of Anatolia, the Zagros, the Elburz and part of the Bactria.