Biography of Mary Astor (1906-1987)

Actress of American cinema, whose real name was Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke, born in Quincy, Illinois, on May 3, 1906 and died in Woodland Hills, California, on September 25, 1987.


Belonging to a family of German immigrants, were his parents, becoming aware of their physical qualities, introduced it in the world of beauty pageants. In one of them, when he/she was only fourteen, he/she was discovered by a Hollywood agent. It is not known with certainty what was the first film in which the young Mary intervened: each point to a film entitled The Scarecrow (1920), but most opted for The Beggar Maid (1921), John S. Robertson, also titled Sentimental Tommy. In any case, his roles in both are so insignificant that it intervened uncredited; It was not until the following year when his characters began to be somewhat longer and your name to appear as part of the artistic cast.

His prolific silent stage was marked by his early encounter with one of the biggest Heartthrobs silent Hollywood, John Barrymore, who requested her as the Lady Margery Alvaney of his film the arbiter of fashion (1924), Harry Beaumont, much better known by its original title, Beau Brummel. Finished filming, emerged a torrid romance between the main couple, which ended by launching the Astor to stardom. The famous Idyll ended before became put together in the classic silent film Don Juan (1926), Alan Crosland, as famous for his duo of actors as being the first film not spoken to incorporate music Vitaphone system and effects of sound throughout the footage. Thanks to his voice, perfectly modulated due to their numerous radio speeches, it was one of the fortunate actresses who successfully made the transition to sound, something which for many meant a real trauma.

His life private, so busy like that on the big screen, resulted in many ways decisive for his career. In 1930, her first husband, Kenneth Hawks, brother of the great director Howard Hawksdied in a plane crash. The following year married Dr. Franklin Thorpe, which maintained a heated lawsuit for custody of his daughter in 1936. The journal of the actress, which gave all kinds of signals about his love affairs, including the romance with the famous writer George S. Kaufmanwas made public during the process. In the wake of this scandal, and although he/she had earlier intervened in several major films, like land of passion (1932), Victor Fleming, the major studios began to call it regularly. Thus, it was a perfect Antoinette de Mauban in a memorable adventure film, the first version of the prisoner of Zenda (1937), of John Cromwell, and gave birth to a radiant Helene Flammarion, again with John Barrymore, in midnight (1939), Mitchell Leisen.

Lived his artistic peak in 1941, when won the Oscar to the best secondary actress for his elegant portrayal of Sandra Kovac in the great lie, Edmund Goulding, a temperamental pianist who become pregnant from her former husband, newly married to another woman of great character (Bette Davis); one of the best actresses of the 1940s duels will star together. But his most celebrated character was, without doubt, its cryptic Brigid O'Shaughnessy of the Maltese Falcon (1941), John Huston, where he/she was at the height of Humphrey Bogart and laid the groundwork for the future femme fatale of film noir.

In his maturity, was used rightly as adorable wife and devoted mother in two classic film, Meet Me in Saint Louis (1944), Vincente Minnelli, and the second version of the novel by Louise May Alcott little women (1949), MervynLeroy. At the end of his career he/she returned to witness their intelligence in their interpretation of the old woman tormented by his own secrets in Lullaby for a corpse (1964), RobertAldrich. He/She wrote his detailed biography with the title of My Story, which was followed by a second volume entitled Life on Film. He/She spent the last days of his life at the Motion Picture Country Home (a kind of residence for old glories of the film without too many economic opportunities or close relatives who could take care of them), where he/she died of a heart attack.


1920: The Scarecrow (uncredited). 1921: Sentimental Tommy/The Beggar Maid (uncredited); The Lady or ' the Pines (uncredited); Bullets or Ballots (uncredited); Brother of the Bear (uncredited); The Bashful Suitor (uncredited). 1922: John Smith; The Rapids; The Man Who Played God; The Young Painter; Hope; The Angelus.1923: Second Fiddle; Success; The Bright Shawl; Hollywood; The Marriage Maker; Puritans Passions; Woman Proof; To the Ladies.1924: the arbiter of fashion; The Fighting Coward; The Fighting American; Wings of glory; The Price of a Party; Inez from Hollywood; Oh, doctor! 1925: Enticement; Playing with Souls; Don Q, son of zorro; The Pace that Thrills; The Scarlet Saint.1926: Don Juan; High Steppers; The Wise Guy; The border of the amor.1927: the Hawk of the seas; The jockey's victory; California rose; Brothers in arms; No Place to Go; The Rough Riders.1928: looking for a thrill; Under the frac; Three-Ring Marriage; Love for love; Dry Martini; The past does not muere.1929: happy new year!; Miss Lucifer.1930: The fascination of the barbarian; The Runaway Bride; Holiday; Without patria.1931: The Royal Bed; Behind Office Doors; Other Men's Women; No Ship; White Shoulders; Cunning mujer.1932: undone Squadron; Our loves; Calamity with luck; Land of passion; Men of ocasion.1933: the little giant; Alone with his love; The world changes; Killing in the shade; What week! 1934: Easy to love; People above; Return to the Terror; The man of two faces; The case of the aullador.1935 dog: The Hollywood Gad-About; Double intrigue; Red Hot Tires; The great man; The divine glory; Man of Iron; I Am A Thief.1936: The Murder of Dr. Harrigan; It happened unintentionally; Trapped by Television; Disappointment; Lady from Nowhere.1937: the prisoner of Zenda; Hurricane on the isla.1938: No Time to Marry; There is always a woman; Woman Against Woman; Listen, Darling; Paradise for Three.1939: Medianoche.1940: Cocktail of jealousy; Brigham Young, Frontiersman.1941: The big lie; Falcon maltes.1942: Accros the Pacific; A husband rico.1943: Young Ideas; Thousands Cheer.1944: Meet Me in Saint Louis; Blonde Fever.1946: Claudia and David.1947: Fiesta brava; Cynthia; Desert Fury; Two ages of the amor.1949: little women; Do game!; Act of violence.1956: A kiss before dying; The Power and the Prize.1957: The Devil completo Hairpin.1958: the rogue edad.1959: Stranger in My Arms.1961: return to Peyton Place.1964: A woman waits; Song of cradle for a corpse.

Guest-starred in Television appearances: 1954: "The Philadelphia Story" (episode of The Best of Broadway); "Run, Girl, Run" (episode of The Philco Television Playhouse). 1955: "The Thief" (episode of The Unied States Steel Hour); "Dinner at Eight" (episode of Front Row Center). 1957: "Black Is for Grief" (episode of Zane Grey Theater). 1958: "The Littlest Enemy" (episode of The United States Steel Hour); "Mrs. Herman & Mrs. Fenimore" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode). 1959: "The Impossible Dream" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode). 1960: "Rose completo Last Summer" (episode of Thriller); "The Women of Hadley" and "Revolt in Hadley" (episodes of The United States Steel Hour). 1961: "Incident Near the Promised Land" (episode of whip).

Productions for Television: 1980: Hollywood (Miniseries).